Apply here: www.honorofknighthood.proboards.com

Founded on March 5th, 2007, Honor of Knighthood is a band of knights bound by the sword, and sworn to aid each other in the goal to rise as one. If you wish to join the guild you must be at least level 175 and have a minimum of 1250 max stamina.

Knighthood.jpg Honor of Knighthood picture by adamextra


The knightly honor is to swear by the sword that you shall enter into battle for one and all. Your sword is wielded to protect the family of members and to serve a noble and respected force. Knights strive to help one another in the goal to achieve high standing among the honorable guilds on Fallen Sword, while having fun and enjoying the cameraderie.

We ask that you respect your fellow members as you would want to be respected by them.

What our guild offers:
* All 28 Structures Maxed
* Free buffs for members
* Large Groups
* 900+ piece armory, sets lvl 115-600 (FF p/x)
* Epic Gear incl. Writhing Ward and Steam Work
* Most SE and LE sets
* Friendly atmosphere, active chat
* Helpful advice covering all styles of leveling
* 20% tax rate

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