Guild Rules

1. BE POLITE. Using words such as 'hello', 'please' and 'thank you' is common courtesy. Members will be kicked if they are abusive, unpleasant or harrassing others.

2. BE ACTIVE. Inactive players will be kicked from the guild. This means that each member must burn stam and level up. Players are excused from hunting if they post in the forum under the "PLAYERS REQUESTING LEAVE" section in the general board the reason for their absence and the date they will return. Failure to do so may result in you being removed from the guild.

3. Be prepared to JOIN GROUPS. Join ALL goups when you come online or as soon as they are formed. Never disband your group. Members are asked to post an explanation in the chat for the reason of group expiration. Create groups for Relics, Elites and Super Elites. Do not create a group to defeat normal creatures or champions, unless it is for a quest.

of other members' valuable time. When you have a question, check the guild website first, then check the guild forum, then pose the question in chat.

5. When getting drops from group attacks, take them out of the guild store immediately, unless it is a valuable item for donation. Let the council know about this.

6. Gold donation, though welcome, is not obligated. Our tax rate covers the upkeep of the structures.

7. DO NOT STORE USELESS ITEMS in the guild store. The guildstore is not your personal storagespace. Also always make sure to keep one slot free in guild store for elite/super elite drops from groups.

8. DO NOT BEG for fsp, gold or items.

9. ASK FOR BUFFS in the chat. Specify which buffs you need. Do not ask for buffs if you have low stam, or do not ask if you do not have time to hunt.

10. RECALLING GEAR is permitted only if the member is offline. Message the member if he/ she is online. Items can be recalled if the member is wearing them. This does not apply to the Gurgriss sets, which are not to be recalled by anyone.


A.The Ward is to be used for max stam gain during the last gain before the hunt. Members are asked to be online while wearing the Ward.
B. The Ward is also used for the Arena. Be respectful to others that might need it for final stam gain.
C. Anyone caught ghosting, or logging on to equip the Ward for casual stam gain, then setting the refresh to leave the pc, will lose all priveleges of using the Ward. YOU MUST BE ONLINE TO WEAR THE WW PERIOD. Members will be kicked from the guild if they are seen using the Ward after this warning.
D. As long as you are ONLINE you may  wear the WW for stam gain as long as you send it to any member asking for it for max stam or arena use.
G. Any violation of these rules will result in the imediate loss of your WW priviliges. Anyone using it after they have had their priviliges removed will be kicked.

13. STAY UP-TO-DATE with how HoK evolves. READ the rules and the guidelines in the forum. Members are encouraged to voice their opinions in the forum.
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