Guild Alliances

Respect our allies as they respect us

Basic Allied rules:

1. Our members don't attack each other, unless it's to clear a bounty
2. We don't recruit members from each others guild
3. We don't capture relics from each other unless permission was given to do so
4. Be nice, considerate, and respectful to the members inside each allied guild

Our allies are:

Ikoko Knights


Special alliance with:

Fallen Kings and Queens


These rules apply for our alliance with FK&Q:

1. No attacking each others guild members. Unless asked to
complete a bounty on said member. After bounty is complete
sending back gold that was stolen not lost. Only 10 sam attacks to be used.

2. No GVG between guilds unless requested and agreed on by both guilds.

3. Sending info on kicked members and why so we do not get
lame players in our guilds. This could also include info about players that cannot be trusted.

4. No Relic captures from each others guild unless permission has been given to do so. While capturing a relic does no direct damage, it still costs stamina to create the group and the guild loses the benefits of the relic.

5. Each ally will list each other on their website and inform it's members of the aliance and it's rules.

6. Absolutely no recruiting from each others guild.

7. The allied guild could be requested to help in a "deleveling party".

8. In the small chance of a "war" with another FS guild the alliance will be there to cover each others backs (clearing bounty's and helping with offence and defence buffs). Talks will also be started to determine whether the allied guild will also activily join the conflict.

9. Information will be shared regarding hunting, Elite hunting, etc.

10. Most important - always be friendly to members of the allied guild.

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