Hints & Tips


  • There are 2 good sites that will help you with the game: http://games.jmle.net/fs.htm and www.fallenswordguide.com.
  • if you are a member of the guild, then make an account on our forum - there you will find many more hints to help you.
  • With mozilla firefox and the fallensword plugin it's a lot easier to play the game.
  • Always try to have a complete set of  items. this will give you the "elite hunter" enhancement which will give you more experience per kill.
  • When killing creatures you can click 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. and then hit "r" (repair all items) this way you dont have to see the fight.
  • If you do not want to watch the battle - Set the Combat Display Speed to "Instant", This can be edited in Character - Preferences, under Combat Display Speed. Also you can just click on "Back to World" as soon as you start the battle. this will save you time, since battles are pre-determined.
  • Remember to ALWAYS repair your items.
  • Always have the skill "Adept learner" activated. if you don't have it at 100 %, ask one of the higher level players for it.
  • Only use group attacks for elite and Superelite creatures. Don't use group attacks for normal creatures and champions. it's a waste of stamina for you and the members in your group.
  • When attacking elites with a group, try using the Find Item skill, if you don't have it yourself, you can ask for it. you can also buy find item potion in the auction house. the Find Item 250 isn't very expensive.
  • Focus on one buff at a time when using Skill Points. A bunch of buffs with 10 Skill Points each are almost useless, and you can't get your Skill Points back. Try and think about what you will want to have in the future and save accordingly. 
  • When leveling up put all your level-up points in damage. You will need a lot of damage in the higher levels
  • Useful information about the combat setup and what u must look at when choosing a setup for 2 or 3 hitting creatures.
    From level 186 most levels are 2 or 3 hit setups. Some of the levels (mostly the ones with undead creatures) can still be doen with a 1 hit setup.

    1st you must always have more attack than the creatures defense, slightly less is possible when u use Dark Curse. 
    In this case u should have an attack of 2198 to hit the creature

    2nd you should look at the stats of the creature and see which is lowest, the creatures attack or the creatures damage

    In the case of this creature the attack is lowest so u should defend yourself against his attack by making your defense higher than his attack. If he can't hit u then u are safe (except for the lucky hit).
    With this creature u should have slightly more than 1145 defense, armor u dont need so u can put the rest of your gear in damage

    If in the case of this creature his attack was higher than his damage then u should defend yourself against his damage by wearing armor
    U should have slightly more than 2860 armor in this case to be safe (except when critical hit or piercing strike activates)

    To conclude:
    * if the creature's attack is lowest u should have more attack then its defense and more defense than its attack ( no armor needed)

    * if the creature's damage is lowest u should have more attack than its defense and more armor than its damage ( no defense needed


    We require all people to have the following skills, u will not be buffed if u could have the buff yourself

    Also asking for buffs is only possible on the guild chat. Mass-messages and private messages will be ignored.

    If u are below level 25
    - get Treasure Hunter 

    If u are between level 25 and 75
    - get Adept Learner
    - save the rest of the skill point for level 75 skills

    If u are between level 75 and 150
    - get Librarian
    - get Merchant
    - save the rest of the points

    If u are between level 150 and 200
    - get Doubler
    - get Animal Magnatisme

    If u are between level 200 and 250
    - get Wither
    - get Conserve

    U need 960 skill points to get all these skills and all maxxed.
    If u are lvl 200 u have gained 1000 skill points. This is why u need to get these first before getting others.

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