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1. Counter Attack

  1. As CA uses extra stam you should get the other buffs first that increase damage and attack.
  2. CA will increase your damage and attack by a percentage according to the buff level. It will use extra stam each hit according to your doubler level.
  3. Using CA when not needed becomes a waste of your stam - and the buff takes 20 stam so it's a waste of the buffer's stam too.
  4. CA with 750 doubler will give 6.1/4% extra attack and damage each 25 levels and will cost 1 extra stam each 25 levels

2. Gear Set-up

3. Death Dealer
  1. Death Dealer (if you have the kill streak) will give 20% extra damage and should be used before asking for CA
  2. If you need to get your kill streak back after a death it is a good idea to start your hunt at a lower level and hit critters you can kill with one hit without using a doubler untill you have at least 60 kills (for the level 175 buff). Lower buff levels require higher kill streaks to get the full 20%
3. Stuff
  1. Berserk will add 2% damage per level of the buff to your level up points in damage! You need that if you expect to one hit!
  2. For attack - especially if you don't have points there (which you shouldn't have if using suicide one hit set ups) you need keen edge buff. This will give extra attack based on the number of full sets you are wearing
  3. The buffs you need depend on the set up types you use . example: If using armor set up DO NOT get SSI. your imps will die for just one damage so at 50 stam / buff it is a complete waste
  4. With armor or defence set up s you must expect to 2 hit at best but you can reduce this to around 80% one hitting with the right buffs
  5. Armor and defence: Get a good wither (350 pot from AH specials is best) - this reduces the creatures armor/hit points and is a chance buff (doesn't work every time) so when it activates it will help you one hit
  6. Imps should only be used if you have enough stam to justify the 50 stam it takes to buff it (or the average 2 fsp to buy the pot). For lower levels of stam it is better (more stam efficient) to die than to use imps (cheaper if you are buying the buff too
  7. Instead of disbanding groups increase the join level in preferences to 1000 until you find a use for the group - that way those that have joined already won't have completely wwasted their stam
  8. Stam and xp gain relics are definately not worth the stam used to take - let alone defend!
  9. If we chose a good relic to defend it would also be good if all players that wish to leave the game would go to the relic and log in just once a week to be counted as defenders (dressed in best defensive gear they have of course)
  10. We should all be able to get our stats from our equipment whereas enhancements that help to kill certain critteres of that help againt attacks are harder to find with the best hunt gear for the level
  11. Please take note of the following and bear it in mind when asking for buffs: SSI: Buff = 50 stam & gives 6 imps. Misses should be approx 2/100 hits. With 750 doubler that requires 4,800 stam assuming every stam used to hit (not move) and no conserve - therefore min 5000 stam required to make this buff worth using. Potion of the imp = price varies from 50k to 2 fsp (the cost of 50 stam) & gives 4 imps. With 750 doubler that requires 3200 stam assuming every stam used to hit (not move) and no conserve - therefore min 3500 stam required to make this potion worth using. For all knights that can it will help you and the guild massively if you can upgrade your max stam as and when you are able. Remember Hok does not require you to donate to the guild - use your hunt gains to upgrade your character for yourselves and the guild.
  12. The Attack/Armor set ups can be useful in your hunts too. When you have an elite or champ to kill for a quest you may be able to do it without a group - usually means stopping the doubler and get the attack and either armor of defence right, damage won't matter as you'll kill in less than 20 hits so will use less stam than making a group
  13. For an attack set up - small sets are best - then you may be able to use more than one and get large attack bonus from KE buff (especially if you are leading the group)
  14. often it is best to stick with your main set up and tweak with the non set items for extra attack (when you are hunting)
  15. 02:46 09/Oct/2009 To [name]: They do keep changing the rules - last I knew the xp loss that can happen is dependant on the xp they have when the bounty is placed - so if another bounty is ongoing you should wait till they have taken all loses from that before placing your bounty - that way they get punished more. [Chat] 02:43 09/Oct/2009 To [name]: Don't bounty that guy till he is bounty free - the xp loss is not cummulative on concurrent bounties .. I'll leave you to sort that into a proper order.
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