In the Guild versus Guild conflicts we can attack other guilds for Reputation points. these points can be cashed in for skills which are activated on the entire guild.

How it works

Starting a conflict will costs us 1 fsp and 10000 gold, and will last for 24 hours or until both guilds have made the maximum attacks possible. We can choose from 50, 75 or 100 attacks.

We can also choose how many participants can join in the conflict. At the moment, we have a maximum of 5. If another guild starts the conflict on us, they decide how may participants there are and how many attacks are necessary.

When another guild starts a conflict on us, don't join right away (no matter how high you are in level). first make sure you have lots of stamina. It would suck if you couldn't complete the conflict because you are out of stamina. Second look at the guild who started the conflict. Because you can only attack players 25 lvls up and down your lvl, there have to be at least 3 players you can attack (and beat). You have to wait 2 minutes before you can attack the same player again, so best is if there are 5 players or more so you can attack al five, and then go back to the first one you attacked. The 2 minutes will be passed by then. In this way you don't have to wait, and we could win.

If we win we get RP. With RP we can buy the following skills which apply to the whole guild.

  • Battle pack A: Rage Beserk and Fortify. All lvl 150 and lassts for 3 hours  (5 RP)
  • Power leveller A: Adept learner, Librarian and doubler. All lvl 150 and lasts for 4 hours (10 RP)
  • Promote: Adds 4 hours frontpage featured (1 RP)


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