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Ginji and HoK - Gallery - battle - Ban are a couple of former street thugs turned good guys who is going to get anything back for their fee. The 5.1 mix permits the show some nice power inside action scenes as well as some nice clarity inside dialogue. I didn notice any difficulties with macroblocking as well as other video artifacts. The wraparound cover features Ginji and Hevn on one hand, and Ban and Himiko on the other side. Each one of the five covers encompasses a kind of characters: Ban and Ginji, Akabane and Himiko, Kazuki and Shido, Makubex and ???90 Sakura, and Juubei and Kagami. The DVDs themselves have black silhouettes of one's characters against a thorough color background. The biggest menu has Ginji and Ban either to side on the screen with the episode numbers and language menu between them. The words menu is even simpler with English and Japanese alternatives to one for reds against some simple artwork. That left are a handful of previews over the first disc.
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