sets in guild

We have the following sets in the guild:

Complete sets
raggghzas lvl10 1 sets
plague lvl20  3 sets 
lesser santork lvl50  3sets 
Golden cockatrice lvl50  1 set 
thonomoth lvl60  5 sets 
Deep lvl80  12 sets 
decay lvl90  10 sets 
Mancrusha Lvl120  8 sets 
Flaming baron lvl135  5 sets 
Santork lvl150  2 sets 
Cu Sith  lvl150  4 sets 
King Au Xenahs lvl150  1 set 
Vexus Queen lvl 150  1 set
Samaels Void lvl160  3 sets 
Marpolo lvl175  1 set 
Banshee lvl175  2 sets 
Cursed Samurai lvl180  3 sets 
Witches lvl193  1 set
Tarbidas Spider lvl200  3 sets 
Lezhal lvl 200  2 sets
 Hunter  lvl225  3 sets
Steep nojor lvl235 2 sets
Ragnok lvl 260 1 set
The horned Gods lvl270  1 set
Destroyer  lvl280 2 sets
Lord Valks lvl 300  2 sets
Sabertooth lvl 300  2 sets
 Fire torch  lvl 350  1 set
Pharaohs lvl 364  2 sets
Semerkhet lvl370  1 set
Sphynx lvl 380  1 set
Crushing fist lvl390  1 set
Ko Lash lvl 390  1 set
Argus lvl 400  1 set
Doth Blades lvl 415  1 set
Master of Magic lvl420  1 set
Xinderoths lvl421  1 set
Brides lvl 484  1 set


 *All  sets are there to be shared by all members in the guild. Going off-line with the best hunting set for your level, will mean that it will be recalled from you if somebody else needs it.
*We also have many loose items including items to make a 1 hit setup possible from level 186 onwards (Epic inferno hammer), and items used in the PvP arena. These are also shared by all members.


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